Saturday, October 31, 2009

M80, me, nilesh, pranita

my version of story
It was a nice morning in Pune. Me and Nilesh were waiting for a friendwho would accompany us for swimming. My classic "Bajaj M-80" was parkedjust nearby and a zen was parked on the other side of the road.We were busy chatting and Pranita entered the lane. She hadbeen Nilesh's and Rohan's crush since childhood. That day she looked even better. Her figure looked just perfect and she gave a smile to us.We returned the smile. She started her car and took reverse to unpark it.Like any other girl, she showed her driving skills by banging my M-80. Sheapplied breaks only after my M80 was completely down. She came out of carand very kindly asked me "i hope you are not hurt ... i am so sorry dear".Well, when a girl bangs you .. always "never mind". So we didn't. She helped me taking M80 up and Nilesh was busy staring at her. "amm amm ... its ookkk" .. I said.She gave a beautiful smile again and left ...
Nilesh's version of story
As usual, koukya's friend was late for swimming. "oh goddd !! Pranita ... koukya, look at the way she walks" I said as Pranita entered the lane. I don't know, why koukya doesn'tlike her. Well, she completely ignored us. What to do ... I was with koukya na.She started her zen to unpark it. She took reverse and DHADAD. Koukya's old "khatara" was down. I don't know why does he even carries it with him. Anyway, Pranita got down and smirked at koukya. Such things are bound to happen when koukya is around. She kept on smirking and asked"is your vehicle alright?". "yyes", foolish koukya mumbled. She got into the car and left withattitude.
Recently me and Nilya were discussing Pranita, and this story was brought up. Though I like to believe and tell my version of story, Nilya's version of story is true :).


Mayur said...

ha haa..
Kadhicha kissa aahe ha ?

koustubh kulkarni said...

are zali 3.5 yrs tyala. me PSPL madhe astana swimming la jayacho sakali .. teva ekda asa zala hota. M80 che total 7 accidents zale ahet attaparyanta .. tyatala ha ek chota accident.tarihi mazi M80 ajunahi chalu ahe :)