Sunday, November 15, 2009

Anbe Sivam, Naan Kadavul

Its about 2 tamil movies I watched recently:

1. "Anbe Sivam"
Anbe and Sivam are two characters in the movie, played by R. Madhavan and Kamal Hasan. And the title literally means "Love is God".

The film starts in a lighter mood with comedy between RM and KH. Then it turns slightly serious with a flashback- Communism as background, rights of workers and hence talks about equality of human being across, merged with love story of KH.

The movie has a point to make- "Communism is a feeling, many had it even before Karl Marx, but it was Marx who first penned it down. And it shall not be destroyed even if there is no government to promote it". [wiki]

Most interesting part in the movie is when KH, a union leader and a painter paints a wall in his Boss's office. The painting itself states theme of the movie. This is director's skill.

Kamal Hasan's acting is as usual great. Tribute to him!!
Versatile him has also sung a couple of songs in the movie. Title song "Yaar yaar Sivam, Nee Naan Sivam" is my fav.


2."Naan Kadavul"

Title literally means "I am God"/ "Aham Brahmasmi".
This is a story of an "Aghori" Saadhu who is a "realized one". His family travels to Kashi in search of him and brings him back to T'nadu. On the other track, the movie tells the story of beggars and the racket which treads them. At a point, the Saadhu kills leader of the racket, knowing his plans to sell out a blind girl in the clan of beggars. But then he also gives a mercy death to the blind girl, who, throughout the movie stood victim of many.

Nice movie on a different theme.


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koustubh kulkarni said...

Just now I read, the director Bala gets National award for best director for Naan Kadavul!!!!!