Friday, August 28, 2009

a day ...

6:00 i called abhya and told him the movie plan ... it was a Marathi movie.
I had selected marathi movie for 2 reasons:
1. Verrry few of my friends are Marathi, and very few (no one in fact) of them watch marathi movies. So i wanted these guys to realize Marathi movies are equally good/bad as hindi movies, so that i can get some partners to watch marathi movies. (sad that my sis is not in town)
2. With its name (haay kaay an nhaay kaay) and cast (jitendra joshi, pushkar shrotri), i thought it would be a nice "Chindhi" movie, and we would get to laugh a lot the way we had laughed while watching "Gunda(hindi)"/"Kung-Pao Enter the feast(english)".
Unlucky me:
we were to catch 9:30 show, and abhya was hungry whole day. so he obviously thought of world famous Krishna vada-pao. I am always hungry for a vada-pao.
I am considered as unlucky in my frnd circle. According to them, things just go wrong with me/when i am around. and they support the theory with several incidents (eg. Blasts in Mumbai when i was supposed to go to Mumbai/12 hrs delayed train/torn pant and itchy shoes when i was goin for my 1st job interview (which i cleared :) )... i guess they maintain a list.)
So we went to krishna and the shop was closed (at 6:30 PM -- Dhande ka time). This, according to abhya, had happened for the first time in last 25 years. and the reason was my luck.
Whatever, now i was vada-pao hungry, and hence wanted it badly. So we went to Rohit vadewale. While eating, abhya bite his tongue hard. It started bleeding, and he couldn't finish vada-pao. This, again was because I was around :).
Then abhya fainted perhaps because of empty stomach ... another example of MY bad luck.
Comming back to movie, It was a pathetic. Thank god I chose Lakshminarayan- Rs. 37 X 5= 185/-.
For first half, we could laugh only at one one-liner:
"manatala bolayala laaj vatate
avaghad jagevar aleli khaj vatate"
It was so boring, that we laughed only with our own jokes. They couldn't be as chindhi as mithun/laksha. I suggested we should leave before interval, but abhya wanted to torcher me. Mayur wanted to watch full movie. So we had to watch full movie.
We will remember the movie and "unlucky" day forever.
Now let us see how "Quick Gun Murgan" comes out.
Will watch Kamine again, with my Mom. She is a great fan of Shahid Kapur and she read the review in Sakal, that it is a good movie. funny !!

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