Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Eons ago, man used to think that his tiny little town is everything. In fact he didn’t even have capacity to think that there can be something beyond his world. As he started thinking about scope of existence of the world, mountains, hills, rivers, sea were limits for him.

Some limits were set by his superstitions, and some by his capability. Some curious ones attempted to think beyond those mountains and oceans and discovered that, whatever it is, it’s huge. They named it – earth, terra, lok, prithvi. But then they also thought that the earth is so big, that this is it. Nothing is bigger than the earth. Of course they had their own limitations too.
But then, some of them looked up and noticed that something is moving. And these frogs in a well thought that everything is rotating around them. As great thinkers joined this earth, man started revealing more and more facts. They discovered that the Sun is bigger, and the earth is just like others, who circulate around the Sun. But again something known as limitation tracked them. Again they thought … this is it!!

Then man advanced, and noticed that the sun is only one and there are millions like him, having their own “solar system”. Meanwhile a physicist-mathematician-philosopher-theologist-alchemist noticed that there are laws for how things move (“relative to each other”??). He also noticed that the earth attracts everything towards her and in fact there is attraction between every two “things” in the (“universe”??). There is a law for this phenomenon.
Later, it was noticed that the sun along with millions others rotate around something. As they couldn’t see it but somehow proved its existence (observed that some stars, planets being gulped by it!!), they named it- Black Hole. And set of spheres rotating around it, including itself was known as galaxy. This was our universe. As they discovered many other galaxies like this one, they named their own as Milky-way.

Now thinking about motion and gravitation, it is observed (and explained by the laws) that the velocity with which the planets rotate around the sun, varies (exponential curve) inversely to their distance from the sun. It is highest for Mercury and lowest for Pluto. While same principle should be applicable to the solar systems in the galaxy rotating around the Black Hole, the fact is that it doesn’t. Objects at the outer edge of the galaxy rotate with equal speed as that of the inner. There is something which is pushing them or Newton’s laws contradict!! No career oriented researcher in this field would attempt to do that. On safer side, they assumed that there is some energy (the Dark Energy!!) is doing this.

Scientists calculated mass the galaxy (god knows how ... may be quantum theory). They were astonished with the results saying it is not enough according to Newton’s laws. If Newton’s laws are considered eternal, our dear Albert is wrong!! In order to merge these two theories, it is assumed that a binder is blended in the batter to hold the recipe together, tightly bound. It is known as Dark Mass. This dark mass is continuous, that is, it passes through the earth, water, sun and everything, made up of some other material, other than known subatomic particles. A new model of this universe has emerged.

Now definition of the universe is changed, in fact expanded. This new universe is centered somewhere, and all the objects surrounding this are going away from that center, and is finite. New limitations are set. We don’t know what is beyond this i.e. we don’t know if there is something which is not going away from that center, or there is something which follow these laws differently, or some new laws are being followed. Once we know that, current limitations will be erased and new ones will be set. And there is no end to this (unless we are finished). This is infinity-1. (Limited to the 11 dimensions in which we live!!)

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