Monday, October 08, 2007

T20 Final.

M.S. Dhoni is the man of temperament. India put a target of 158 in front of Pakistan in T20 world cup final. When the world was thinking that 157 is not a defendable score in T20, Indian skipper had thoughts of cutting the waves and going against the flow. India won the match, and Dhoni described his mind in one sentence in presentation ceremony. When Ravi Shastri asked him,
“Pakistan did extremely well to restrict you to 160 and they played good cricket as well ….”
“Pakistanis bowled really well. But we knew one thing, we score 150 or 160, still they have to score it ….” he replied.

Calmness flows on his face in critical situations as well, but no player is forgiven for his misfields.

This attitude only led India a great victory in T20 world cup. Statistically, Pakistan was the best team.
(Finally) India has found her man!!!


Aniruddha said...
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Aniruddha said...

kya baat hai koukya .... not bad .... it's good to see something in english from someone who's a true marathi fanatic :) ... keep up the good work ... try to put some of the gazals that you were getting me bored with, the other day :P

koustubh kulkarni said...

Thanks man ... Language is just a tool *to express yourself (*programming - solve your problem :) ). This is just an attempt to learn English.

***Marathi fanatic
There will be a couple of posts in Marathi as well (on public demand:) ).

There is no point in posting gazals. You simply won't read them.
I will bore you with those, in person.

Swati said...

Hey, you write really well! I surely missed out reading your blogs on time, when they were posted!!

koustubh kulkarni said...

hehe ... looks like I am really improving !! Thank you and wish me the best.

" Hausala afjaai ke liye shukriyaa. Duaonkee shiddat barkarar rakhiye mohtarmah. Shukr-e-ne'mat!! "