Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Almost defeated

I rarely comment on sports. But the kind of mentality Indian cricket team has shown after the first test at Lord’s was abandoned as draw, made me write this. Although I didn’t watch the match, I read news papers saying, for every wicket, players including Sachin, Dravid were observing the sky, craving for umpire to declare bad-light. As the man in white coat called off the match, it was happiness & joy everywhere!!! I would rather prefer India facing a sportsman’s defeat, to enjoying such draws. God knows when India will attempt for a victory in 4th innings. Anyway, Dhoni’s efforts cannot be shunned. Let’s hope that all the players give up their incompetent attitude and catch up Dhoni’s temperament for next test matches.

All the best, Team India!!

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Swati said...

True! This speaks of India, at large. We are always in defensive mode! Also this attitude is one of the main reasons for waning interest in test matches in India.. No result after play for 5 days is unacceptable!!