Monday, February 15, 2010

I watched some great Marathi films recently, which are worth to mention here:

1. Harishchandrachi Factory:
A refreshing movie showing how funny an adventure, hard work can be. Story of legendary Dadasaheb Phalke so simply and so effectively put by Paresh Mokashi!!

Watched 4 times!!

What to say about the movie. Story-awesome. Atul Kulkarni-Awesome. Sonalee- Hot, sexy, great.
Music-Listened each song atleast 100 times, and still it continues-- thanks thanks to Ajay-Atul, Bela Shende and lyricist Guru Thakur and Direction-great again, Cinematography-wowwww, Choreography- excellent- Just watch "wajale ki bara" or "Apsara Ali".

Atul Kulkarni has booked nomination for his 3rd national award. But may be SRK will get it for MNIK.

Watched 4 times !!!

3. Jogwa:
Great performances by Upendra Limaye and Mugdha and great music by Ajaj-Atul. Kitu liked this one more than Natarang. But my votes to Natarang.

4. Three of Us:
Short film by talented Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni.

5. Zenda:
OK movie with great song: Viththalaaa, konata zenda gheu haati.

6. Now waiting anxiously for Umesh's "Vihir".

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