Saturday, October 04, 2008

Vishwache Aarta

Saint Dnyaneshwar, just before committing himself to samadhi state, wrote these beautiful verses. I heard them one and half year back, and since then was in search of meaning. Got some directions on internet and the meaning was revealed!! Somehow putting it in words here:

vishwaache aarta maajhya mani prakaashale | avaghechi zaale dehabrahma ||
aawadiche vaalabha maazeni kondaatale | navala dekhile nabhaakaara ge maaye ||
baaparakhumaadevivaru sahaja nitu zaala | hrudayi nataavalaa brahmaakaare ||

Insights of universe have enlightened my mind
(and) my body is unified with vibrating eternity
I have shocked my beloved people,
(as) They saw sky-like miracles (oh mom!!)
Wishes of Dad and Mom have easily been fulfilled,
My heart is decorated with supreme knowledge.

One can enjoy the words(in italic) depicting great knowledge and high spirituality from a boy just in his tender age of 21. Words are extremely sweet and innocent. He also remembers his dead parents and never ever complains about pains, sorrows in his life. Neither has he blamed orthodox society for out-casting him and his siblings (Orphan kids at the age of approx. 6 to 10).

And you listen them Lata singing. Feels as if she means whatever she is singing. Music: Pt. Hridaynath. A co-incidence: Lata and her siblings have also gone through quite similar situation in their early age. Lata, eldest of all, 14, carrying responsibility of 4 siblings!!

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