Friday, September 26, 2008

What's ur name ...


And then they have different versions- koustup, koustub, koutuk, kaushik, kousubh – my grandma. All are fine. Donno how “Saurabh” is related to this.

Koukya is the best they came up with. Now they don’t even know my name is koustubh. In fact friends introduce me as “koukya”!!

Well the saga began 25 yrs back when my parents named their Chinese looking cute little baby – Koustubh. As I remember, I faced difficulties in spelling my name in Marathi. So many letters and “matras” broken up into pieces and jumbled to put me on paper. Moreover this is not the only name which identifies me. There is father’s name and surname. So many turns in “Shri”, my middle name (=father name) used to give thick, lethargic fingers a fatigue. “rNi” in surname is even difficult. Things went worst when overhead of English was added to my course. All my friends/cousins were ready with A-B-C-D by the time they joined 5th class. Till 1st unit test, I barely knew A-B-C-D. And they asked to write my full name in exam – 3 marks question. I was not even sad to loose those marks. Raj is so simple to spell!!

So I have a name that is difficult to write.

Moving to the north of India, things become entertaining.

-“what’s ur name ?”


-“eh ???”


-“are u a Muslim?”
-“Christan ?”
-“Yaar matlab kya hai ?”

“Vishnu bhagwan wears a pearl named Koustubh”
-“so you are a Hindu”
-“Ho kaha se ?”


-“Hindi to badi achchi bol lete ho”
-“I thought you are from Bangal” (I really don’t look a complete chamya.)

“Well the name is there amongst Bangala people as well”

-“achcha … yaar bada aajeeb naam hai, maine pahali baar suna hai ye”
-“yaar naam se to Muslim lagte ho”

Well whatever my name is, whatever my religion/cast/region is, does it really matter?
May be or may be not, the conversation is often interesting.

So what’s ur name?


Vaniki said...

Mast article hai :)
I too face the same problem! :P

koustubh kulkarni said...

thanks ... and yes ur name is weird.

... said...


koustubh kulkarni said...

haha ... no one can hold ur hands with those wits!!

Ayu said...
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Ayu said...

Good dear, I have never seen that much good article about own name.
btw that is true when i heared first time.... i said what??? what is a name ???... :)
its difficult to catch on first attempt.
Yes i should also mention, it inspired me to write 2 page Article on my Name "AYU". I had more funny expereiences on it. not only national, international also. here people said after listening to my name.... ooooh my god i never heard this name before. :(. he he he.
Any ways. good going keep writing.

koustubh kulkarni said...

Thanks a lot!!
well your name appears to be an abbreviation of some name -aayush/aayub. Well you can write a lot :)