Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What exactly did Raj Thackeray say?

Again hypocrite media, ignorant people and clever politicians!!

Thackerays are always criticized for being regionalist, hindu-nationalist and junior Thackeray stands no exception. While clarifying himself and Shri. Balasaheb for their stand on regionalism, this is what Raj Thackeray said:

“If AB, great superstar of India, even my favorite, despite spending most of his life in Mumbai, becomes Brand Ambassador of Uttar Pradesh and not that of Maharashtra, if he opens a school in UP and not in Maharashtra, if he loves his people that much (which is not wrong at all), then where did Raj Thackeray go wrong? (Why shouldn’t I speak out and ask questions for my people?)

Do you find this statement criticizing AB?? He even adds that AB should be Brand Ambassador of the country and not that of a particular state. Check out the videos if you are so much concerned about the issue (And get it translated from your Marathi friend :)).


Now check out track record of Abu Azami for yourself.

Also AB’s house is not attacked, north Indians are not being beaten by MNS. If at all some violence is there in Mumbai, it is fight between 2 groups. Here we cannot say that one group is beating some innocent guys and that group is MNS party workers. Now days, news channels can also arrange such stunts!! And how difficult is that in fillim-city.


Swati said...

Forget remarks against AB. .. Those are anyway not as much as an issue as the other points that have been raised against him..

Walk straight ahead from Nal Stop.. Just before you turn towards Sharada Centre, there is a circle (I don't remember the name). There are placards posted there "Ek Bihari, Das Beemari" etc etc...

I don't care who has written this - ShivSena, MNS or any other faction.

But one thing is clear. This is divisive politics to gain attention towards non existing issues.

And Bal Thackrey himself has come out against Raj. That should be proof enough for you!

koustubh kulkarni said...

Let me help you with etc etc.

"ek bihari, sau beemari
do bihari, ladai ki taiyari
teen bihari, train hamari
paanch bihari, sarkar hamari
chak de fatiya bihari bhagao
punjab bachao."

Punjabi friend smsed me. Still you can blame Thackeray or perhaps Maharashtrians. I heard of some friction in Asam and south; but no reference found. Well, truth is what you want to/like to believe.

Indian Home Maker said...

I fear that if we follow his policy we will all have to stay in our own states. What about numerous inter-state/region marriages? The children in these cases only speak Hindi and English. And government employees, Defence Officers? Will you demand reservation for Marathi-manoos in NDA also(on Maharashtra soil) or will the Indian government be forced to shift NDA to another part of India?

Will the Maharashtra government compensate the successfully running businesses and their employees for their losses, caused due to this sudden change in Policy? Will they be provided land somewhere in India?
Do you think 'outsiders' have benefited Maharashtra/India in some ways? Just picture our commercial capital without 'outsiders'???
Remember there was objection against Gujratis and Madrasis in the past. Why are they accepted so well now?
Finally I also fear that if we allow any politician to gain power through violence, we are creating a precedence. Tomorrow another politicians will come and create a riot against another group, and so on. It's already happening.
It seems it is very easy to instigate us against each other! I wish we'd remember to simply to SAY NO TO VIOLENCE, because violence against anyone today will lead to power to the VIOLENT and who are violent? Criminals.

Do we want powerful criminals?
Competition is good for economy and the market. I have seen how many more jobs are being created due to development, and 'outsiders' coming to Maharashtra. My maid told me she shifted to Pune because she heard there are jobs for cooks, car cleaners, drivers, beauticians, maids, dhobis available here. Many more are moving towards urban areas. And why not? Today they all have colour TVs and today nineteen year olds are able to buy mobiles, TVs, mixis, Gas Stoves, they all want to send their children to good schools- while working as domestic helpers. If I have to employ a driver/maid I'd like to take the best worker, irrespective of where they comes from. If we are forced to give employment to locals, then we will have another Kerala here. The employees who are rude, lazy and very smug. They know their jobs are secure, they just sit and gossip. Most of the labour in Kerala comes from Tamil Nadu.(I have faced their incompetence and arrogance many times, first hand).
If you ran a business won't you prefer to employ the best? If the local guy is the best, he need not fear competition, if he is not then are we forcing someone to employ him by shooing away 'outsiders'? Why not equal opportunities for all Indians all over India? RESERVATION for locals, I fear will turn us into koop-manduks. It will also divide our country into several states. This will be history repeating itself. We should learn lessons from History. I recommend you read this also http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070704142126AAd15ZB
Looking forward to reading your views.